Our software solutions are based on our expertise and consulting experience in green supply chains, 交通运输管理, 网络设计, 库存优化, 数字供应链.

We offer smart and feasible supply chain management (SCM)  solutions. 葡京手机版app官方网站的顾问了解市场驱动因素, 标准, laws and regulations; they understand logistics processes and customer needs from a business perspective. More than 500 BearingPoint SCM experts are organized in competency groups that are driving thought leadership and best service delivery.


葡京在绿色供应链管理方面一直很活跃, 交通运输管理 and warehouse and inventory management services for years. 葡京手机版app官方网站帮助您:
  • Create transparency over the entire supply chain and optimize your network by introducing a digital twin
  • Become pro-active by using predictive analytics and a control center
  • Reduce transportation costs by better planning accuracy or improved network design
  • Evaluate the trade-off between costs, emissions, inventories and time
  • Create CO2 footprints and CO2 balances for you and your customers, 例如, 基于EN 16258或法国法令2011:1336
  • 建立碳核算体系
  • Identify and implement measures to reduce the CO2 footprint
  • Perform cost-benefit-analysis (investment per spared ton of CO2)
  • 提高您的库存性能

基于葡京手机版app官方网站的咨询经验和专业知识, we have developed specialized software solutions that fulfill the requirements mentioned above. The software solutions are supplied via the Hana 云-Platform as cloud services. Finally, maintenance services and business consulting complete the portfolio.


Discover equipment and tools management solutions at bauma CHINA 2020
事件和网络研讨会 2020/11/24 – 2020/11/25

Discover equipment and tools management solutions at bauma CHINA 2020

葡京手机版app官方网站在bauma CHINA 2020 (SNIEC)见面, 11月24 - 27日, 2020年)学习资源, 机械行业设备工具管理.