We support our clients in tackling their sustainability challenges by generating and analyzing emissions and consumption data for transformative action plans that they can track.

Our approach to sustainability is built on our industry expertise, 一个三重底线的方法, 以及基于数字的机会心态, data, 和技术葡京app.

  • 开始可持续性. We support clients in assessing their sustainability maturity across different functions of the organization. 也, we help them identify minimum requirements and opportunities with sustainability performance indicators concerning their customers and people and the overall business to initiate the 转换.
  • 可持续的商业策略和行动. 葡京手机版app官方网站帮助客户实现可持续发展(经济, 生态和社会)是他们商业逻辑的一部分, 从战略思考到实施, 从办公室到工厂.
  • 数据是关键. For status quo transparency, adequate databases and analysis are pivotal. 使用葡京手机版app官方网站的方位排放计算器, we have developed a tool to help you with sustainability data collection (travel, IT, plants) and analyses tailored to industry particularities and (internal) target groups. 超越现状分析和跟踪, users can simulate the effects of planned improvement measures.

Learn more about the power of the BearingPoint Emission Calculator.

  • 整体价值链方法和可追溯性. Sustainable thinking and acting do not stop at your door. From spend management to spend impact: source with purpose, 降低风险, 采购超过储蓄, 推动创新和循环. 用葡京手机版app官方网站的整体价值链方法, we integrate up and downstream logic and ensure compliance, 风险管理, 在采购过程中优化材料使用, 生产, 销售/交货和“r3”考虑因素(减少, 重用, 回收). We collaborate with partners such das ECOVADIS and conduct industry-specific supply chain sustainability assessments.

Do you want to learn more about our Booster Method to optimize 生产 for zero waste? 阅读这篇博客文章. 

  • 可持续性 is a guiding principle for the banking and insurance 转换. 可持续性已经影响了客户的优先级, 改变商业模式, 影响风险管理和监管义务. Therefore, financial institutions must adapt fast toward sustainability. BearingPoint helps financial institutions to become sustainability champions by transforming offerings, 操作, 和组织.

Learn more about how we may help you to develop an ESG-oriented strategy, 产品组合和治理.

  • 可持续地把这些点连接起来. We connect sustainability with recent trends and dynamics such as new ways of working, cloud computing and smart technologies and bring these topics together in a holistic approach

葡京手机版app官方网站的可持续发展咨询服务, we accompany our clients on their sustainability journey.



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