Do you know how product costs grow through all stages of your supply chain? What are the key drivers of CO2 emissions from sourcing to delivery to your end 客户? 每个产品?Have you ever thought of how you can change segments of your supply chain to reduce risks?

葡京的 数字孪生供应链,你可以回答这些问题. We combine our business expertise in supply chain management with technical knowledge in the area of digital innovations to create sustainable value for your supply chain network.

BearingPoint’s 数字孪生供应链 focuses on the key challenges 和 digital innovations in today’s global supply chain networks. 的 数字孪生供应链 is based on a business concept that owns the entire supply chain, from suppliers via transport organizations down to the end 客户. 通过模拟, 企业可以分析, 行为, 自动化流程以降低成本, 强调风险, 和改善服务.


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