通过污染海洋, not mitigating CO2 emissions and destroying our biodiversity, 葡京手机版app官方网站正在毁灭葡京手机版app官方网站的星球. Let us face it, there is no planet B.

Emmanuel Macron, President of France

Many people will be familiar with the quote. 鉴于极端的天气, such as the unprecedented heatwave in North America, or the catastrophic floods across Northern Europe and also in China, 很少有人会不同意. 以前被归类为百年一遇的事件现在几乎不上新闻了. 毫无疑问,气候变化正在发生,其影响正在被感受到.

So if we accept there is no planet B, what exactly is the plan? How do we address the challenge of sustainability? 这些问题是要问每个人的. 特别是对于企业和政府机构, 不管是好是坏, have a major impact on our environment.

葡京手机版app官方网站的经验, most clients are waking up to their responsibility, and they understand that they have to take action. 在过去的两三年, 葡京手机版app官方网站已经看到,在大型企业中,可持续发展团队的存在和重要性越来越大. 他们的影响力正在稳步增长,超越传统企业社会责任的局限, and becoming part of the core corporate agenda.


然而,在大多数组织中,可持续发展仍然没有以一种真正结构化的方式加以解决. 通常, 葡京手机版app官方网站观察到“大数字”方法——即自上而下地宣布大胆的雄心声明, but not always based on relevant data, or accompanied with detailed plan required to achieve change. 例如, 英国政府的目标是将其减少78%碳排放的承诺合法地具体化, by 2035, on a journey towards net zero emissions by 2050. 虽然像这样引人注目的公告肯定是出于真诚的意图, 它们无法掩盖战略与执行之间巨大的差距. 简单地说,就是组织如何弥合分歧以实现他们的承诺?

The first thing is to accept the complexity of the sustainability challenge; It’s not simply about the environment. 它超越了减少碳足迹的基本概念. 它也包括社会方面, 横跨整个价值链, and it has implications for the organization’s whole operating model. 

At BearingPoint we have a deep understanding of the issues, 基于超过10年参与客户的可持续发展项目和倡议. 作为一个结果, 葡京手机版app官方网站开发了一种独特的“地面”方法,基于对现实情况的细粒度分析, 以及所有的影响因素. The approach acknowledges the importance of 策略, kpi, and roles and responsibilities – what are we aiming to achieve, how will we know if we’re making a difference, 它将如何发生?

And once we know what’s really going on, 葡京手机版app官方网站将这些信息与业务实际情况进行比较,以确定挑战, opportunities and what really matters. 从整体来看, we are able to develop a meaningful vision, 并使所有业务功能朝着同一个大目标发展. 在现实中, the data will often highlight a number of quick wins, 与此同时,葡京手机版app官方网站可以制定“真正的北方”可持续发展战略. 

B2B采购没有理由不能开始反映消费者世界, 消费者越来越多地根据产品的可持续性做出选择.



葡京手机版app官方网站在哪里能找到大的胜利? 或者用一个气候相关的类比, 什么是冰山-在环境和社会影响的功能(和另一方面, the potential for positive change) lie hidden from view? 在一个典型的制造业中,高达70%的排放与购买的商品有关. And when transportation and logistics are factored in, 据葡京手机版app官方网站计算,一家公司80%的间接排放来自采购. So, 即使公司使用明显以科学为基础的环境评级作为其经营直接影响的证据, in many cases this may significantly underestimate the true figures. 类似的, 一个企业确保其直接员工的最低或最低生活工资标准, what about elsewhere in the supply chain? Are employee practices in supplier businesses equally sustainable?   

因为没有解释, 或者拥有这些问题的所有权, 企业将自己暴露在重大品牌或声誉损害的威胁之下. And as the law begins to develop (for example in 德国, 《供应链法案, which will likely become the template for EU legislation), 风险变得更大. 一些全球最大的公司现在正准备迎接挑战, with headline commitments and targets rooted in science. 葡京手机版app官方网站也开始在特定行业中看到合资企业, where different businesses combine strengths in order to drive change. 但即使有外部ESG供应商的评分和基准驱动的排放计算, 纯粹的自顶向下的方法缺乏必要的细节和证据来将供应商组合和相关购买的商品纳入方程. 向下移动一层, looking at smaller enterprise business, 以及中小企业——他们根本没有必要的资源和/或知识来全面解决可持续发展问题.

BearingPoint能够支持各种规模的组织在战略和执行之间架起桥梁. 独特的, we can offer expert consultancy and advice, together with IP designed to inform and empower smarter strategies, 更好的决策, 和有针对性的, 证明的行为. 更为关键的是, 葡京手机版app官方网站还提供知识转移——“做什么以及如何做”,这意味着组织可以成功地运行他们自己的项目. 

挑战是巨大的. 没有简单的答案. But as a key influencer within b2b markets, 采购将在未来的葡京app中发挥核心作用——通过释放跨职能知识, 确保总碳足迹是采购决策的关键因素, embedding sustainability into tools and processes, 并带头鼓励全力以赴的承诺,将愿景和抱负转化为持久的变革. 




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