There is a clear trend regarding eCommerce/online-trade: 物流 becomes an important distinction feature in the industry. Commercial companies change their supply chains with intelligent concepts regarding inventory and delivery. Trade is increasingly becoming a driving force towards innovation in logistics. 物流 service providers will benefit if they make use of predictive logistics information and operationalize for the business.

物流 service providers who are keeping up with this trend are busy on the following key questions:

  • How to integrate prediction-based shipping method with traditional order-based delivery process into the logistics network planning?
  • How to detect possible risks in trade lanes and potential damages to cargo? And how to work out contingency planning to ensure best delivery options?
  • How to integrate Internet of Things (IoT) devices into the own control system – technologically and logically?
  • How to transform the flood of big data into reliable and right prepared information for the entire supply chain?

葡京手机版app官方网站的方法是建立一个新的可见性, better asset utilization and security on supply chain together with clients and technology 合作伙伴.

下一代跟踪 & 跟踪

Very often providers are confronted with several proprietary systems (clients, 合作伙伴, 自己的系统),很难连接. BearingPoint supports in establishing new taylormade logistics platforms which combines advantages of each and integrates supportive IoT solutions into an end-to-end integrity solution for predictive control and planning. Thus this intelligent solution is able to integrate prediction-based shipping by online traders with traditional order-based delivery.


In the current decade we have been noticing that traditional global supply chains break down more and more by natural disaters, economical and political conflicts or market volatility. 大多数都没有任何预警. BearingPoint helps to develop platform based risk visualization as an answer to supply chain disruptions. We develop together with 合作伙伴 and clients scalable solutions which can be break down to each shipment and transport lane. Core element is the integration and updating of predictive risk data into the system as well as a sophisticated mitigation and contingency planning strategy. All in all logistics service providers are able to manage threats and inform their clients & 供应链合作伙伴.

总结, predictive logistics by BearingPoint means 下一个 generation of logistics operation in the entire supply chain which is faster, 更准确的, more profitable and more secure – a strong distinguishing mark to clients.


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