We help clients implement a corporate strategy across their business with a common culture and language performance. Their teams and departments improve their capacity to anticipate and make decisions and are more consistent concerning shareholder expectations.

绩效管理 and indicators are keys to creating value.


  • Define performance indicators and objectives for creating value
  • Resource planning and allocation: answering the question, what are the objectives and with which resources?
  • Analysis and evaluation of the improvements
  • Rewards and motivation to encourage good behavior

Our performance management teams intervene in the following subjects:


We assist clients in getting an accurate forecast of their activities, enabling them to align their steering indicators with strategic issues.

Financial management/dashboard reporting/IFRS 15/ cost accounting

Expertise in development and implementation of dashboards tailored to different users and their scope of decision. Implementation of monitoring tools adapted for immediate answers.


Thanks to our deep knowledge of asset valuation, we can help departments develop new business models by changing their positioning in the value chain. We can also help financing departments perform asset management and capex optimization.


超立方体 uses an unbiased non-statistic approach for identifying fraud cases not discovered by typical methods. It is able to find fraud from within the data it given.
We have also strong references on revenue assurance process for both telcos and regulatory institutions.


Organizations face the challenge of adapting their workforce capabilities to meet tomorrow’s needs. Human resource management is a key element to achieve digital 转换. Our two-step approach consists in charting current employees’ capabilities and then determining a set of desirable (target) capabilities at the employee and organization level. This enables a plan to fill the gap between current capabilities and future needs.


Telecom operators often own a large and diversified real estate portfolio through various subsidiaries around the world. BearingPoint helps operators harmonize real estate processes without affecting their core business. BearingPoint ensures the design and implementation of the project by setting up management systems and supporting staff members during the process.


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