With the growing emphasis on e健康, value-based reimbursement and population health, providers must rethink the way they plan and deliver care – while also continuing to manage costs and promoting patient engagement.

临床转化 has been around long enough to have been reinvented a number of times, and for each cycle both scope and complexity have increased. The situation today is no exception, with challenges such as accelerating digitalization, healthcare costs growing more rapidly than general inflation, implementation of thematic organizations and increased focus on population health.

临床转化 means assessing and creating sustainable change in care delivery to improve quality, 安全, 服务, production and financial outcomes at all levels in a care delivery organization. It is necessary for the organization to reject existing practice patterns that deliver inefficient or less effective results. They must embrace a common goal of patient 安全, 更好的结果, and quality care through process redesign and the implementation of adequate IT/MT solutions.


We help healthcare organizations reach sustainable improvement of the way care is delivered across facilities, departments and clinical fields of expertise by effectively combining holistic industry expertise with extensive functional knowledge across three key areas:


  • Sponsor and stakeholder alignment
  • 沟通和实施
  • 项目组合和计划管理


  • e健康, biotechnology and IT/MT innovation
  • “Smart 健康,” connected devices and telemedicine
  • 应用程序转换(e.g.电子健康档案)
  • Digital Ecosystem Management, platform and join up with SMEs and start-ups


  • 临床路径 and decision support
  • 流程和工作流
  • 角色和职责
  • Patient involvement and self-服务
  • 法规和标准
  • 补偿和激励


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