BearingPoint helps financial institutions instrumentalize data lineages for the step-by-step generation of cost reductions by early operative use of the new fit-for-purpose bank steering architecture. Our unique approach enables institutions to plan and execute upcoming 转换s more precisely, cost-effectively and with less risk than conventional 转换 strategies.

The architectures for bank steering are facing disruptive changes in many European institutions

  • Stabilizing revenue streams by focusing on high-margin products, 优化最重要的kpi以实现对整个银行的控制, and realizing efficiencies by decreasing costs by up to 30% are some of the main drivers for changes in bank architecture
  • The initiatives of individual institutions are comparable in principle but differ in terms of starting conditions and level of ambition

What is needed to tackle upcoming 转换s better and make use of existing potentials regarding efficiency and costs

  • A data lineage-based and product-oriented approach support actions for a non-silo-driven organization
  • Data lineage enables us to see the "real" complexity in exchange for the "perceived" complexity
  • Sustainable, functional documentation along the data lineage allows efficient change
  • 业务逻辑(i.e., 功能, 方法, 每个规程都可以被识别, and the required data or product features can be derived


Our approach uses data lineage to identify required focus areas to perform a more precise and cost-effective 转换. To gather the needed information for this approach to function, we assist in setting up the appropriate data lineage and in enabling banks to utilize their (meta)data lineage in several steps:

  • Capitalize on the existing metadata lineage, identify the business logic (i.e., 功能, 方法, models) for each discipline and derive the required data and product features
  • Extend the available metadata lineage to facilitate the approach for all relevant business areas
  • 将元数据沿袭与“流量”链接,i.e., 实际的数据流, to achieve: further insights into complexity (simplification potentials) and a better understanding of materiality (prioritization for efficient action)
  • To guide all architectural decisions and optimizations toward the desired fit-for-purpose architecture, the metadata lineage and "traffic" will be embedded in our industry-standard BearingPoint fit-for-purpose architecture for bank management areas – especially CFO and CRO

Our industry expertise and approach enable a comprehensive understanding of business logic to support you in identifying redundancies and harmonization and simplification potentials. The concrete optimization potentials will then be transparent in the designed fit-for-purpose architecture for your institution.

Our experts and trusted advisors to clients in the banking and capital markets sector provide guidance and share their experiences with you. 


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